5 types of women you can date online

If you’re on the hunt for ladies, navigating what seems like an endless sea of profiles can take time. If you know what suits your taste, it’s easy to find them. 

The five types of women who love the internet and seek love online. Choose the right escorts to make your nights less lonely when you learn about the following types: 

The Unicorn

The “I’m a unicorn” woman is the one who’s not interested in dating, but she still wants to have fun. She’s not looking for anything serious and doesn’t want a relationship. This type of woman is great if you’re looking for a fling or just want to hang out. 

Don’t Want To Date 

This woman is only looking to make friends. She’s not truly interested in dating anyone, and she has no interest in dating you. She doesn’t want to date anyone but wants to look around online, which means she is a time waster unless you need a chat.  

She Has Feelings 

Some women think that only one can open up about her feelings and have feelings. This is the woman who is willing to share her feelings with you but might be insensitive to yours. 

She will state what she wants and doesn’t want, and how she feels about everything in between. She’s not afraid of confrontation, so if there’s something wrong in your relationship or one of you needs space, this woman will let you know without delay and gracefully move on while still being friends.

Not Interested 

You’ve met this woman before. She’s the one who says she is not interested in anything or anyone but herself, and when you ask her why, she says it’s to focus on goals.

This is a prevalent response from women so into themselves. They’ll often say things like they don’t want a commitment. This type of woman also tends to ignore all forms of social etiquette by not responding to messages, leaving you hanging.

I Will Fix You 

Some want to save you from yourself and fix all your problems,  even if you don’t want them to. She thinks she’s being helpful, but she wants to be the singular authority person in your life who knows about all your issues and can help solve them. 

She should be the central figure who makes everything better when it seems impossible. This type of woman will probably tell you she knows exactly what kind of man would be suitable for her because she knows herself well. 

She will always stick to you like glue as some part inside their head reminds them that this could still work out. This type of woman might cling to you and not move on, even when you are long gone from her life.

In Conclusion

There are different types of women and not all fit the five types stated. Some may be motherly while others might be hot and wild escorts. All said in the spirit of fun with no offense meant to anyone, choose your woman online based on these types.