Types of women that you must avoid on online dates

A woman who is receptive will reciprocate your advances, such as leaning into you, touching you back or introducing you to her friends. She also maintains strong eye contact and seems genuinely interested in you.

She has a restless spirit and is looking for a soulmate who understands her need to travel and explore. She will frequently cancel or postpone dates to her job or other commitments.

1. The Drama Queen

The drama queen is a woman who craves attention and thrives on chaos. She’s the type of girl who shrieks when her manicured nails get scratched and is constantly complaining about her life.

This type of girl experiences a rollercoaster relationship with her partner and is always arguing about something. She also tends to exaggerate her money problems and will text you 30 times in an hour if she’s upset about something.

If you spot this person, it’s time to put a stop to their nonsense! They can be toxic and cause a lot of heartache if you keep dating them. They have a lack of empathy and will try to manipulate you with their bullsh*t.

2. The Insecure Girl

Women can be insecure for a variety of reasons. Whether due to past experiences, negative self-talk, or the pressure of society’s expectations, insecurity can really make a person feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

A woman who is insecure will constantly seek affirmation and reassurance from others. This can be very draining and exhausting for her partner.

She is also likely to criticize others in order to subconsciously uplift herself. This is a sure sign that she has low self-esteem.

A woman who is insecure will become easily hurt. Even a harmless banter or a playful joke can throw her off balance and spiral her into self-doubt and even self-hate. She may even resort to self-harm in an attempt to cope with her feelings. This can be extremely dangerous for everyone involved.

3. The Last-Minute Flaker

A woman who flakes on you at the last minute shows that she has no respect for you, your time, or her own commitments. She’s a manipulative, needy woman who isn’t worth your time. If you find yourself dealing with this type of girl, it’s best to communicate your disappointment in a mature manner and let her know that flaking isn’t acceptable.

While it’s true that there is no way to guarantee a girl won’t flake, having a solid text game and optimally setting up the date are key. Also, it’s important to not react emotionally when she flakes on you and instead focus on building investment back up over time. This will prepare you for the vicissitudes of dating. Be more like Peasant Paul and avoid getting pissed off when a girl cancels or reschedules.

4. The Windbag

Women get a bad rep for being garrulous, but The Windbag takes it to another level. She talks constantly and sees it as a game that she wants to win. She doesn’t realize that it’s possible to learn more about someone by hearing less.

The Windbag is a cross between the Chatty Cathy and the Drama Queen (not good) and she’s an expert at making people feel like their opinions don’t matter. She’s the kind of person who makes you want to walk away and never return. That’s why you should avoid her. She’s a waste of your time. You won’t even know she’s there until you stop talking.

This type of woman worships negative vibes and a rotten attitude. They love to make people feel bad about themselves, whether they’re a friend or a coworker, because she believes that this will make her feel better.